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Kunzite stone Bracelet

Kunzite Bracelet Love, Wisdom, Happiness, Nourishment, Peace Reiki Healing Crystal Chakra Aura [Original & Natural]

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet – Confidence Healing Properties: Reverses curses, inner truth, inner strength, love, purification, intuition, thought amplifier, positive magic,

Larimar crystals


For the best benefits of the Larimar* stone, it is important to ensure that it is in direct contact with your body at all times.

Whatsapp +91 9311986494 *Larimar and Love*   *Larimar* is a stone that is highly recommended for couples of all ages who want to enhance their love and relationship. *Larimer* has been proven to be highly beneficial in promoting trust and love between partners.   *It* helps open up their hearts and souls, allowing them to express their true feelings and affection for each other.   *According to Robert Simmons's Book of Stones*, using Larimar crystals can promote a relaxing and calming environment ■Benefits of *Larimar* Crystal Bracelet:   *Larimar* is a crystal of my very highest nature. Its indescribable qualities and its extraordinary energy make it valuable.   *Larimar* is a wonderful meditation stone. It increases consciousness.   *Larimar* removes all kinds of blockages which cause people who are always stressed. For them it works as a treatment. *Larimar* is helpful in eliminating the sorrow that has reached the depths of the mind.   *Larimar* It removes the fear of people who are afraid of anything, anything. There is some kind of guilt in them. Removes it. Hospitals, doctors, people who are afraid of injections can also put it.   *Larimar* also helps you in meeting your *soulmate* of all kinds.   *Larimar* brings childlike energy and playfulness. That means it is helpful in relaxing in every way.   *Somewhere* my heart is broken. If someone has lost faith then this crystal is very helpful.   *Many* people are not able to fulfill their dreams even after hard work, this helps completely in fulfilling those dreams.   *Other Benefits of Larimar Stone Bracelet:-*   ■ *Larimar* is the best stone for releasing anger and transforming it into calm, clear communication.   ■ *It* brings peace and balance to any situation, removes stress and negativity   ■ *Larimar* is most effective on the throat and heart chakras.   ■ *It* brings peace and clarity, radiation, harmony, healing and love energy.   ■ *It* is mostly recommended for people who are stressed and is said to be a healing stone.   ■ *Larimar* teaches us to take control of our lives by eliminating self-sabotaging behavior (excessive anger), reducing guilt, and eliminating fear.   ■ Improve your relationship with *nature*.   ■ *A* Good for singers to support voice health and enhance singing.

Lava Stone Bracelet

  • Due to its benefits, lava stone works well with the base chakra and the crown chakra.
  • Filling you with immense energy, it leaves no space for lethargy.
  • It keeps you healthy throughout – as well as – promotes the growth of the organs.
  • It brings significant changes in personality and makes it rather attractive & charming.

Love bracelet

This bracelet is made of 5 love crystals, which will improve your relationship. ▪️It opens the heart chakra, making you and your partner ready for love. ▪️It helps you understand the value of true love in life. ▪️It teaches you to give and receive love. ▪️It fills you with divine charm to attract your favorite person. Not to brag, but this bracelet helps you release Cupid's arrow at the person of interest. Build a future with your lover.. ▪️It helps you feel a divine connection with your partner and enjoy a lasting bond. ▪️It keeps the fire of love, romance and sex burning in any relationship. ▪️It helps in eliminating third party situations ▪️It helps you to overcome no contact situation. ▪️It helps you in removing stress and anxiety. ▪️It helps you keep yourself calm. ▪️It helps in creating passion for you in your partner.

Malachite bracelet


Malachite crystal bracelet

To buy the bracelet you can WhatsApp me on this number :- +91 9311986494 also read ;- *Benefits of wearing Malachite gemstone* ▪️This gemstone is beneficial for our heart. ▪️It heals broken bones and cures blood pressure related problems. ▪️Also it protects you from the bad effects of negative energy, as it is connected to the heart chakra. ▪️Malachite has energy-rich properties, due to these properties it helps you. ▪️ Helps you to overcome your old sorrows and get out of your comfort zone. ▪️By wearing Malachite gemstone you can avoid road accidents. ▪️Malachite stone can remove all negative energy and protect children from evil eye. ▪️Malachite stone can protect you from the polluted environment around us by creating a shield around us. ▪️It reduces menstrual pain and period related problems in women. ▪️Diseases like skin disease, asthma, cold, flu, heart disease, malaria, arthritis, ovary related diseases can be cured by the use of this stone. ▪️People involved in tourism related business should wear this gemstone for beneficial results. ▪️This gemstone helps you sleep better and increases the power of regeneration of your cells. ▪️People suffering from stones, liver or kidney related diseases can get relief from it. ▪️People with weak nervous system can also benefit from it. ▪️By wearing this gemstone, problems caused by planet Venus, problems between husband and wife or other sexual problems can be solved. ▪️The one wearing it can choose the right path in life ▪️Wearing this gemstone protects us from vehicle accidents or any other kind of physical accidents. ▪️This gemstone eliminates negative energy around us and protects children from evil eye and various dangers. ▪️With the effect of this gemstone we remain safe from contaminated air and pollution. ▪️This gemstone is very beneficial for women, wearing this gemstone reduces the pain during delivery. ▪️This gem protects us from skin diseases, asthma, cough and cold, malaria, heart disease, arthritis and ovary related diseases. ▪️It is very good for people associated with aviation and tourism business to wear this gemstone. ▪️Wearing this gemstone helps in getting good sleep at night and it proves to be very helpful in the regeneration of body cells. ▪️For the person who has any problem related to stones, liver, kidney, it works like nectar, wearing it cures all kidney diseases, and a healthy person gets protected from them. ▪️This gem is also used in case of weakness of nervous system, weakness in studies etc. ▪️This gem can also be worn to remove the defects of Venus like husband-wife relationship and secret problems.

Money Magnet crystal

1) It has tiger eye bead which brings success in business. Decision power is strong. (2) There are citrine seeds in the flower which attracts money. (3) This is pyrite.. Money seems to be close to me. (4) Green Aventurine is for good luck. (5) It's hemline After the money comes... it keeps you under control. .. gives tips for managing money

Moonstone Bracelet

*Benefits of Moonstone Bracelet* Whatsapp +91 9311986494 *1) Emotional Balance:* Moonstone can help calm your emotions and reduce stress. *2) Intuition:* It can enhance your intuition and inner wisdom. *3) Feminine Energy:* Moonstone is associated with feminine energy and can assist in regulating the menstrual cycle and supporting pregnancy. *4) Creativity:* It can stimulate creativity and artistic expression. *5) Spiritual Growth:* Moonstone can help with spiritual insight and growth. *6) Protection for Travelers:* It is believed to provide protection, especially for those traveling by sea. *7) Love and Relationships:* Moonstone can improve love and relationship dynamics. *8) New Beginnings:* It is associated with new beginnings and positive changes. *9) Dreaming:* Moonstone can enhance dream recall and lucid dreaming. *10) Anger:* It controls your anger issues. Moonstone is a powerful healing stone for the emotional body. It purifies and transforms negative energy, and helps facilitate chakra alignment and activation.

Original Irani Firoza


Original Irani Firoza Stone

To buy the bracelet you can WhatsApp me on this number :- +91 9311986494

Stone Benefits: Many gems have been mentioned in gem scriptures. These gems are very effective. According to the scriptures, if gems are worn in the right way then a person's luck can shine.

One of these gems is turquoise gem. It is believed that this dark blue colored gemstone represents Guru. Also, it gives auspicious results to those who get the suit and changes their luck overnight.

According to gemology, wearing turquoise gemstone is said to be very auspicious. Turquoise gemstone is considered to bring success in life. This gemstone is called 'turquoise' in English. This gem is considered very special in astrology.

In such a situation, let us know today what are the benefits of wearing Turquoise gemstone and the right way to wear it...

[1] This dark blue colored gemstone is related to the planet Jupiter. It is said that wearing Turquoise gemstone strengthens the position of Jupiter in the horoscope. Apart from this, Turquoise gemstone is also helpful in reducing the ill effects of Rahu Ketu. [2] According to the scriptures, wearing this gemstone increases a person's knowledge and self-confidence. Also, people who are facing failures in business and job for a long time are also advised to wear Turquoise gemstone. [3] It is said that due to Jupiter not being in your favor in the horoscope, discord in married life and problems start arising in love marriage. In such a situation, to maintain sweetness in your personal relationships, you must wear turquoise gemstone.

Way to wear turquoise gemstone

According to Gemology, Turquoise gemstone should be made in gold or copper metal and worn. Before wearing this gemstone, it should be purified by putting it in a mixture of milk and Ganges water. Apart from this, it is believed that Thursday and Friday are considered the best days to wear this gemstone.

Who should wear turquoise gemstone?

According to astrology, Turquoise gemstone is considered to be most fruitful for Sagittarius people. Apart from this, people of Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio zodiac signs can also wear turquoise gemstone.  



Pyrite Stone

Pyrite is considered a powerful stone for wealth and success. Place the pyrite stone in the wealth corner of your home or office, which is the south-east area as per Feng Shui principles. This place is believed to invite abundance and positive financial energy. Remember, using pyrite as a tool to attract money goes hand in hand with proactive actions, a positive mindset, and responsible financial management.

Benefits of pyrite.

It can help attract wealth and abundance. It provides security. It strengthens the solar plexus chakra. It protects the aura. Use it to meditate on your manifestations. Wear it as jewellery. Keep it in your pocket to stay grounded. Place it in the area you want protection. Natural pyrite strengthens the aura and increases the willpower of a person. It is beneficial for individuals who seek inspiration, determination and courage to overcome life's challenges. Pyrite's association with the Sun associates it with self-confidence, abundance and prosperity.

On which day to wear pyrite?

Although there is no specific day specified for wearing pyrite, you can choose a day that has personal significance to you. However, if you're looking for guidance based on traditional beliefs, Thursday is often associated with abundance and prosperity. Consider wearing your pyrite jewelry or carrying a pyrite stone on Thursday to align with the energies of expansion and financial growth.

How to Charge and Activate Pyrite?

Crystal Cluster Charging: Place the agate over a crystal cluster such as clear quartz or amethyst for several hours. The higher vibrations of the crystal cluster will charge and enhance the energy of the stone.        

Pyrite Piramid


Pyrite Pyramid Money Magnet Stone for Career, Business Opportunities, Money Attraction (Size: 1 Inch to 1.5 Inch Approx)

Everyone wants that he should have no shortage of money and grains. For this we work hard day and night but many times a person does not get the results as per his hard work. Some such gems have been mentioned in astrology. Which is very useful to get rid of money related problems. One such gem is pyrite. (1) Pyrite is a gemstone of the Sun. Using pyrite attracts prosperity and wealth into the home. (2) According to Ratna Shastra, if people who are very hesitant in taking decisions use pyrite, then their decision making ability becomes stronger than before. Its use brings courage in the person. (3) Use of Pyrite will take the person on the path of success towards prosperity and wealth. For this you just need to have pyrite in your house. You can keep it where you keep your money. (4) Use of Pyrite will take the person on the path of success towards prosperity and wealth. For this you just need to have pyrite in your house. You can keep it where you keep your money. (5) If a person is facing loss in business then he can keep pyrite in his office. It removes negative energy and will help a lot in growing your business. By using it you will soon start seeing the impact on your business. ( 6 ) Feng Shui Tips: This miraculous product of Feng Shui brings peace and money to the house. ( 7 ) It has the power to eliminate Vaastu defects in all four directions. According to Chinese belief, it contains divine energy. Therefore, keeping a crystal pyramid in the house eliminates negative energy and brings positive energy. ( 8 ) it also brings wealth and prosperity to the house. According to belief, it is considered auspicious to keep the pyramid in the north-east or the place of worship.

Red Jasper Bracelet

  • It is a lethargy killer and ignites the inner fire to prove yourself.
  • It makes you divinely confident, patient, courageous and wise.
  • It activates all masculine attributes inside and makes one a complete man.
  • It keeps you focused in life; hence, no distractions distract you from reaching your goals.