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Amazonite Bracelet

Powerful Filtering Crystal, Promotes Positive Vibes, Powerful Stress Reliever, Focus, Anti-Anxiety, Treats Fatigue, Treats Trauma, Treats Thyroid Issues and Alcohol Resolves Blockages and Balances the heart chakra, clears trauma, brings clarity and purpose in life, success and abundance

Amazonite Bracelet

By maintaining balance in body and soul it makes a person's personality attractive, powerful, inspiring and liked by all.   It promotes the healing power of the body.

Amethyst bracelet

  • Helps in Consentrate.
  •  Increase Focus towards your work or studies.
  • Boost Confidence.
  • Improve Remembrance Power.

black evil eye bracelet

The evil eye is the one that breaks even glass. This has been mentioned in many places in our ancient texts also,   The Evil Eye Thread is designed to protect you from evil and ward off any negative energy directed towards you. This powerful amulet is also said to provide strength and protection against any evil spirits or misfortune. Made from the highest quality materials, this amulet can be adjusted to fit any size and features no color bleeding.

Black Obsidian Bracelet

  • It Removes Negetivity.
  •  Nazar lagne se bachata hai.
  • It Removes Negetive Energy.
  • It Remove Black Magic.

Bracelet Crystal Jewelry Collection

Swarovski Angelic Necklace, Earring, and Bracelet Crystal Jewelry Collection, Rose Gold and Gold Tone Finish   For Buy Please click

Brand: Anne Klein Anne Klein Women’s Bangle Watch and Premium Crystal Accented Bracelet Set

Brand: Anne Klein Anne Klein Women’s Bangle Watch and Premium Crystal Accented Bracelet Set Click Amezon link :-  

Carnelian Bracelet

  • It Majorly works on your Sacral Chakra, Which rules Sexually and Creativity.That's Y it is in Orange colour.
  • It Simulate Your Digestion.
  • Helps to Overcome from Depression.
  • Remove your laziness.

Cats Eye

Cat’s Eye Bracelet – Help people regain lost property Bring luck, success and prosperity with cat-eye bracelet The gemstone is

Clear Quartz Bracelet

There is a very powerful crystal called the Master Healer. Master Healer Clear Coat This is such a powerful crystal that if you wear this crystal with any other crystal then it increases the power of that crystal many times and this is its biggest quality. If any person is confused about decision power, concentration power or everything or has a lot of negativity. They must wear this crystal. It gives spiritual growth to a person. Physical. Heals: When problems, obstacles and sorrows start coming in our life, one of the reasons for this is the imbalance of the chakras within us. Clear quartz balances the chakras. Cleans them. It works by correcting their energy. That's why its name is clear quartz

Divine Beauty Bracelet


Who can wear the Divine Beauty bracelet?

Anyone who wants to look and be considered beautiful and attractive can wear it. Along with this, people suffering from skin problems, weight problems and inferiority complex can get the maximum benefit from it.

Divine Protection Bracelet

Protects from all directions, earth and sky, blocks tantric attacks, invalidates evil eye, strengthens aura, protects from conspiracies, provides guidance