Free Shipping on Purchase of over Rs. 2000 (Prepaid Orders)

Free Shipping on Purchase of over Rs. 2000 (Prepaid Orders)

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About Me

Hello Everyone

I am MRS BHAWNA BATHLA – The Founder of ThE Wheel Of Fortune 369 channel. I have my YouTube channels, Facebook page and Instagram page which is with the grace of God and universe running successfully.

I am a Certified Psychic and Intuitive Tarot Reader. Also certified in numerology, Vastu and Crystal Healer from last 12+years.

I m a positive soul who are here to Help and Heal everyone with the help of this website.

I have Thousands of Happy Clients who have taken consultations to Solve their life problems all over the world. Many high profiles V.I.P’s and CELEBRITIES also approached me for there consultation and now almost became my regular clients.

I am Grateful to Have you Here

Stay connected and Love yourself always


Mrs. Bhawna Bathla

Deepika kumari

I had such a lovely, professional reading with Mrs. Bhawna Bathla. She explained and clarified everything she read patiently and thoroughly. Very knowledgeable, insightful, perceptive and calming.

Geeta Singh

I felt very nervous using Tarot cards to give me some life direction but my experience with Mrs.Bhawna Bathla was very professional & personal, I would highly recommend her services.

Vikash Rajput

I had a tarot reading with Mrs. Bhawna Bathla it was spot on all about a abusive relationship I had gotten out of his reassurance that getting out was a sign from Godt.

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