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Clear Quartz Bracelet

There is a very powerful crystal called the Master Healer. Master Healer Clear Coat This is such a powerful crystal that if you wear this crystal with any other crystal then it increases the power of that crystal many times and this is its biggest quality. If any person is confused about decision power, concentration power or everything or has a lot of negativity. They must wear this crystal. It gives spiritual growth to a person. Physical. Heals: When problems, obstacles and sorrows start coming in our life, one of the reasons for this is the imbalance of the chakras within us. Clear quartz balances the chakras. Cleans them. It works by correcting their energy. That's why its name is clear quartz

Divine Beauty Bracelet


Who can wear the Divine Beauty bracelet?

Anyone who wants to look and be considered beautiful and attractive can wear it. Along with this, people suffering from skin problems, weight problems and inferiority complex can get the maximum benefit from it.

Divine Protection Bracelet

Protects from all directions, earth and sky, blocks tantric attacks, invalidates evil eye, strengthens aura, protects from conspiracies, provides guidance

Evil Eye Bracelet

  • This protective bracelet protects you in all situations.
  • It is a robust shield that protects against the evil eye.
  • It removes obstacles from your path and helps you achieve the targets.
  • For children of all ages, such a bracelet is a must for creating a protective layer around.

Evil Eye Pendant

*Benefits of evil eye pendant..*   ■ If you believe in talismanic symbols, here are the benefits you can avail.   ■ *Protection:-* Evil eyes surround you with negative energy and keeping *Evil Eye pendant* always in the forefront can reverse the effect. That is why it is good to wear for children and adults.   ■*Positivity:-* By reversing the negative energy you will feel positive and happy.   ■*Luck :-* Evil eye jewelery can also bring good luck. That's why most of the people wear these charm *pendants* when they are going to do some important work - like writing an exam or signing a business deal.   ■*Good Health :-* Keeping some metal or stone amulets gives you better health.   ■*Evil eye* is applied by some people every day. This type of jewelery is minimally designed,   ■ People who believe in *mysterious power* carry evil eye charms, usually small in the form of jewellery, with them wherever they go  
 ■The primary purpose of *evil eye* jewelery is to serve as a protective talisman, protecting the wearer from negative energies, envy and bad luck.

Green adventureine


Benefits of Green Adventure

1) Bring opportunity into your life. 2) Attract money. 3) Bring prosperity. 4) Work on luck. 5) Helps in promotion. 6) Bring abundance. 7) Reduce stress levels 8) Increase immunity. 9) Attract customers to the business. 10) Increase in business. 11) Helps you find your dream job.

Green Aventurine


  To buy the bracelet you can WhatsApp me on this number :- +91 9311986494

Green Aventurine Benefits

  •  Bring Opportunity in your life.
  •  Attract Money.
  • Bring Prosperity.
  • Work On Luck.
  • Helps In Promotions.
  • Bring Abendence.
  • Remove Stress Leve.
  • Boost Immunity.

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Growth And Lucky Bracelet

For government job , business, for decision power , for luck ,for confidence, for growth in all fields wear growth and lucky stone bracelet This is a special bracelet. For those people who need government job and are preparing for government job.
  • Helps to Boost Your Business.
  •  Attract Client towords your Business.
  • Boost Confidence Like Tiger.
  • Will make you Fearless.

Heart chakras balancing Bracelet


The Heart Chakra Bracelet Set features elastic design and includes Rose Quartz, Malachite, and Green Aventurine crystals. It's specifically crafted with Chakra crystals for a heart-centered energy experience. To buy the bracelet you can WhatsApp me on this number :- +91 9311986494

Howlite Bracelet

  • It mainly work on Anger issue. Means those who Easily losse their passions level.
  • Those who have sleeping disorder. It work on them.
  • Those who very less Passion, good for them.
  • Those who are suffering from Major stress level.

Howlite stone benefits

Howlite Bracelet is a perfect gift for your friends, family and loved one. Because it's a gift of good fortune. Heal the mind, body and soul, give positive energy, bring good luck, sleep better and we will be healthy Helps in emotional healing, reduces stress, improves concentration and focus, increases self awareness