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Original Irani Firoza


Original Irani Firoza Stone

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Stone Benefits: Many gems have been mentioned in gem scriptures. These gems are very effective. According to the scriptures, if gems are worn in the right way then a person's luck can shine.

One of these gems is turquoise gem. It is believed that this dark blue colored gemstone represents Guru. Also, it gives auspicious results to those who get the suit and changes their luck overnight.

According to gemology, wearing turquoise gemstone is said to be very auspicious. Turquoise gemstone is considered to bring success in life. This gemstone is called 'turquoise' in English. This gem is considered very special in astrology.

In such a situation, let us know today what are the benefits of wearing Turquoise gemstone and the right way to wear it...

[1] This dark blue colored gemstone is related to the planet Jupiter. It is said that wearing Turquoise gemstone strengthens the position of Jupiter in the horoscope. Apart from this, Turquoise gemstone is also helpful in reducing the ill effects of Rahu Ketu. [2] According to the scriptures, wearing this gemstone increases a person's knowledge and self-confidence. Also, people who are facing failures in business and job for a long time are also advised to wear Turquoise gemstone. [3] It is said that due to Jupiter not being in your favor in the horoscope, discord in married life and problems start arising in love marriage. In such a situation, to maintain sweetness in your personal relationships, you must wear turquoise gemstone.

Way to wear turquoise gemstone

According to Gemology, Turquoise gemstone should be made in gold or copper metal and worn. Before wearing this gemstone, it should be purified by putting it in a mixture of milk and Ganges water. Apart from this, it is believed that Thursday and Friday are considered the best days to wear this gemstone.

Who should wear turquoise gemstone?

According to astrology, Turquoise gemstone is considered to be most fruitful for Sagittarius people. Apart from this, people of Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio zodiac signs can also wear turquoise gemstone.