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Malachite bracelet


Malachite crystal bracelet

To buy the bracelet you can WhatsApp me on this number :- +91 9311986494 also read ;- *Benefits of wearing Malachite gemstone* ▪️This gemstone is beneficial for our heart. ▪️It heals broken bones and cures blood pressure related problems. ▪️Also it protects you from the bad effects of negative energy, as it is connected to the heart chakra. ▪️Malachite has energy-rich properties, due to these properties it helps you. ▪️ Helps you to overcome your old sorrows and get out of your comfort zone. ▪️By wearing Malachite gemstone you can avoid road accidents. ▪️Malachite stone can remove all negative energy and protect children from evil eye. ▪️Malachite stone can protect you from the polluted environment around us by creating a shield around us. ▪️It reduces menstrual pain and period related problems in women. ▪️Diseases like skin disease, asthma, cold, flu, heart disease, malaria, arthritis, ovary related diseases can be cured by the use of this stone. ▪️People involved in tourism related business should wear this gemstone for beneficial results. ▪️This gemstone helps you sleep better and increases the power of regeneration of your cells. ▪️People suffering from stones, liver or kidney related diseases can get relief from it. ▪️People with weak nervous system can also benefit from it. ▪️By wearing this gemstone, problems caused by planet Venus, problems between husband and wife or other sexual problems can be solved. ▪️The one wearing it can choose the right path in life ▪️Wearing this gemstone protects us from vehicle accidents or any other kind of physical accidents. ▪️This gemstone eliminates negative energy around us and protects children from evil eye and various dangers. ▪️With the effect of this gemstone we remain safe from contaminated air and pollution. ▪️This gemstone is very beneficial for women, wearing this gemstone reduces the pain during delivery. ▪️This gem protects us from skin diseases, asthma, cough and cold, malaria, heart disease, arthritis and ovary related diseases. ▪️It is very good for people associated with aviation and tourism business to wear this gemstone. ▪️Wearing this gemstone helps in getting good sleep at night and it proves to be very helpful in the regeneration of body cells. ▪️For the person who has any problem related to stones, liver, kidney, it works like nectar, wearing it cures all kidney diseases, and a healthy person gets protected from them. ▪️This gem is also used in case of weakness of nervous system, weakness in studies etc. ▪️This gem can also be worn to remove the defects of Venus like husband-wife relationship and secret problems.